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Google Clan History

Welcome to the Home of the Google Gaming Clan

Google Clan is first and foremost a Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory NonBot Clan! We have a core group of senior members who keep the clan together and without them our extended and colourful history would not exist. Some of these members have since departed but a strong group of hardcore players remain and the clan gains strength and numbers once again!

Our clan has been to hell and returned more than once and each time we seem to come back even stronger and more determined than ever before.

The name Google means unlimited, originally derived from Googolplex a number only falling short of infinite. Googolplex refers the number equal to 10 with 100 zeros after it.

Although same in name it's only the colour scheme synonymous with Google the Search Engine that is carried over. Our use of the name Google refers to the seemingly unlimited opportunities worthy of a clan of such calibre.

Google Clan's History

Pre-Google era: 2005

Google started when a group of ET players played and met each other on Arney5 ET 2.55. These people were Paloooz, Reaper, and Joe also known as Boxes, MC also known as Xenon. (2005) This group of people grew closer together, until someone called UrBaN_Snipe also got into this group.

Paloooz, Reaper and MC joined UrBaN, with Snipe and Z-Shot as the leader at that time. One of the server masters friends wasn't too happy with them there, and thus they left, and Paloooz created the first UrBaN server.

Birth of Google Clan: May 2006

Snipe became a problem, and was overthrown by Paloooz, then later taking his place. UrBaN lasted a while until someone called Barbie started playing with the name Google_Barbie. Paloooz decided to adopt Google as the clan name, replacing UrBaN.

After this period, many people started playing on Google server. Some of these players were recruited into Google members. Among these were Google Clan's first assistant leaders. Trigger, Addict, Bongo.

Bongo created another Google server called Google Custom which was at the time just a trial, but then Bongo left for 45thID clan. Time went by and Google recruited a number of skilled and loyal members. Google was ranking 1st and were progressing extremely well.

Google's first forum was made by Google_Corey but got shut down very soon. The next attempt was Nemesis's site which also didn't succeed. At last, LiamMac created the first forum which within few months, turned into an amazing forum. Google Clan was shut down in November due to that the owner could not afford to pay for the server.

Start of Google G!X: November 2006

Google Clan was shut down in November due to that the owner could not afford to pay for the server. Google Clan's first era had ended, but fortunately, a member called Ghost made a relationship with G!X owner and Google settled there, as G!X Black.

G!X Black's first and new leader was Ghost but soon, Goddess. The head owner of G!X, Lordgix was the chief founder of the clan, as, Google became [=G!X=]Black[=G!X=] the only cheat house, many former Google members made their way through to Black and settled.

G!X Black tried to hold onto old Google's rules and ways of dealing with recruitment and clan management but never achieved this. Google had many different owners changing over time, including Paloooz for a period. The only significant owner now was Xanax who had solidly been an owner since we struggled to pay the fees.

Rebirth of Google: April 2007

Finally Ghost, NightGoddess, Xanax, SpooN and Yakov united to create Google once again pulling all wishful Black members with them. LiamMac naturally followed and created yet another forum and site.

Google has since had Gomerr, Yakov, Jacks, Joe, Neo and Xanax who have now departed. In in June 2008 the head owner of Google, Gumby, created a Google Nonbot server. It proved to be extremely popular, attracting excellent numbers. In January of 09 the Google forum was hacked, this current forum was created by Jake and Elwood Blues as temporary home. But after unsuccessful attempts to get the original forum back up, this became the Clans home until November 2009.

The Split: November 2009

Google was recruiting on both servers and over time it became apparent that there was a division in the Clan between Nonbot and Oldskool. It came to a head in early November 2009 and the decision was made to split the Clan. Google retained its Oldskool and COD 4 Servers and moved to a new forum. The remaining Nonbot Members decided to keep the Nonbot Server going with a new clan.

The Birth of the Phoenix Clan: November 2009

The former Google Nonbot members were enthusiastic to keep together and retain the Nonbot server. One of the former Google owners Jake Blues along with Shogun, Bunny and Elwood Blues gathered the Google Nonbot members to create a plan for the future of Nonbot. The founding members were nfkiller, Mushroom, Kismit, Buck, Jonesey, Paulo, Filby and Boyo. It was decided between them that the new clan would be called Phoenix to symbolize the Clan rising and a new beginning.

The Growth of Phoenix

Phoenix quickly grew into a tight knit Nonbot only clan and soon added many new faces. Elwood and several other members left Phoenix as well as the main founder of Phoenix Jake Blues. BunBun took his place alongside Shogun and helped the clan prosper. Jake Blues has continued to be an active mentor to the Clan.


Phoenix and Google Both had their own choices in the games they wished to expand with. Phoenix chose to add a Call of Duty Modern Warfare server, And Google Choose to add a Bad company 2 server

The Movement of Google

In April of 2010 Google shut down its Wolfenstein server and moved to into the Bad Company scene, leaving Google Oldskool dead, Several months later, and after many trials, the members of Google decided to leave for another clan.

Under New Management

The head owner of Google, Gumby, asked the owners of Phoenix, Shogun and BunBun, if they wished to Take Google's name and keep the legacy alive. After much consideration by all the Phoenix members it was decided that they would take Google's legacy and keep it strong. The owners of the new Google are Shogun, Gumby, and BunBun. Along with the original founders of Phoenix, we are committed to rebuilding Google with the great pride of being a Google member, and looking forward to the challenges ahead.

Thank you to all the members who contributed. Thank you to the long term committed members and owners who are the backbone of the clan.

Last edited August 20, 2010