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Post by Elwood Blues on Thu Nov 12, 2009 12:53 pm

Forum Rules

Remember the most important rule of all:


1. All posts in the forum are to be written in English and proper spelling must be used. This applies to you BUNNY! Failure will result in a temporary ban from the forums and possibly servers.

2. Remember to respect everyone including Google Clan members and Administrators

3. Don't spam or abuse any other member via posts, email or by private message.

4. Please refrain from the following:
*Double posting
*Bumping an old post (unless it's necessary)
*Spamming garbage
*Offensive material (see point number 12)

5. Don't post any material that breaches copyright, such illegally downloaded files.

6. Try and place your topics in the correct sections.

7. There will only be one forum account per person. However, if for any reason you need to change your user name, because you have multiple personality syndrome ( Very Happy ) please contact one of the forum admins, owners or leaders.

8. Have fun! It's only a game! This isn't real life!

9. Verbal abuse or flaming posts won't be accepted.

10. No discussions on race, religion or politics in any way shape or form whatsoever.

11. Maximum of 2 pictures in your signature, depending on size.

12. Due to the wide ranges of age and males and female members, any reference to or any form of sexually explicit material must not be posted at all in the forums, chatbox or by private message.


[color=orange]1st Warning - Private Message by Owner's or Leaders or Forum Admin

2nd Warning - Banned from servers and forums for 1 week

3rd time, you're gooooooooone!

[center]An instant ban will apply for racial, religious abuse in any form and also for sexual harrasment and/or abuse
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