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Config faq for nubs :) Empty Config faq for nubs :)

Post by BunBun<3 on Fri Feb 20, 2009 6:39 am

This is an introductry guide to scripting in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. I say ethical scripting because scripting can make some real cheap/cheating scripts that give you a serious advantage over you opponents(such as an anti-recoil script for snipers). But scripting can be useful and fair especially if you have privs such as !throw or something that you use often.

Have you ever used /bind for anything? Congratulations you have scripted in a way. The /bind command is a very commonly used command because its so useful but have you ever gone to a new server and noticed that the commands you had are gone? It can get irritating to have to enter a bind again and again. This is where scripting comes in handy.

The first thing you need to do is create a .cfg file. To do this open notepad, click file, and goto save as. Save it in your wolfenstein main folder which should be something like "c:\program files\wolfenstein enemy territory\" think of a name that you want to use for your main script(you will probably be using more than just this script which is why i said main). Type the name in and add .cfg to the end of it. It should be a short one word name that you can easily remember since its the only one you wil be typing in game.

Once you have your config file saved its time to start making a script.
You mentioned that you made a /bind in the game before right? well all you have to do is type it again without the /.
bind k "say I PWN YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!"
echo "Scripts loaded"

Once you have this done copy and paste the script to etmain, etpub, shrub, etpro, ect, ect then start the game and join a server. Once your in open your consol and type this

/exec mainscript.cfg

Once you have done this close the consol and press k and watch as your message shows up.

Now this exercise may have introduced you to a couple of new commands, the echo and the /exec commands. You know, every now and then, youll see a little announcement like when someone gets killed and it says dudemeister was killed by master's thompson. That is an echo. The echo command makes small announcements that only you can see.
Then theres the /exec command. This command executes a .cfg file otherwise known as a script. You may be thinking "Does that mean i can use it in a script to execute other scripts?". Why yes you can. In fact its much more oganized and easier to edit your scripts if you do this. To do this all you have to do is add this to your main script

exec otherscript.cfg

Simple isn't it?

Next ill tell you about multiple command execution.
You will eventually need to use more than 1 command with a bind. In this case you type everything normally but you add a ; and a space like this

bind k "say I PWN ALL!!!!!!!!; vsay cheer"

That is how to bind multiple commands on 1 line. The vsay command is a new one. You know when you hit v and 2 numbers you activate a small voice saying like "Need a Medic". That is a vsay. In this case you vsay cheer at the same time as when you say I PWN ALL!!!!!!!!.

Next is something that may seem advanced

set pwnage "say i pwn you all; bind k vstr pwntwo"
set pwntwo "say and you know it haha; bind k vstr pwnage"
bind k "vstr pwnage"

I know what your thinking "Woah woah woah what is all this? Are you on pot 0.o?". To answer your second question no im not on pot and im offended you would ever think such a thing. To help clear up the confusion what i just used was a variable which is made with the "set" command and executed with the "vstr" command. What this script does is bind the variable "pwnage" to the k key. When you press k the variable is executed in this case it says "i pwn you all" then it binds the variable pwntwo to the k key so the next time you press k it says "and you know it haha" then it rebinds pwnage to k.

Have you ever seen those little pictures made from text(known as ASCII art) like the tank or the word NOOB that takes up 4 lines of chat? Well these are made with variables. Here is one i made myself that i have retired from use and you may want to use or edit because of the new sniping server thats on its way.

bind 3 "vstr headshot"
set headshot "say ^q ~HEAD-SHOT~; vstr b1"
set b1 "say ^q. . . . ._____; vstr b2"
set b2 "say ^q. . . . |_____\; vstr b3"
set b3 "say ^q. . . . |_____/; wait 1"

That code will make the word Headshot and a small bullet made out of text each time the number 3 is pressed. Using this you should be able to figure out how to make your own.

Scripting has unlimited posibilities but sadly this means that there are also scripts that are called illegal scripts such as the infamous "burst akimbo script" and a no recoil script can be made for snipers but these are strictly forbidden in the FOB servers. But you may be like me and want to do all you can with scripting and learn more about it. In this case you can make any script you want as long as you only use it in servers like botting servers that allow them.

This site is a great reference for more on scripting. (

This is a list of all commands in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and a small description of each. (

I hope this guide helps you in some way.

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