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Killing Floor Server Rules Empty Killing Floor Server Rules

Post by nfkiller on Sat Jul 24, 2010 6:27 pm

Rules for The Google Killing Floor Server

1. NO Aimbots or Hacks
2. NO Spamming
3. NO Abuse, Respect all Players


1. NO Aimbots:
- NO Aimbots of any kind
- NO Wallhacks
- NO Hacks of any kind
- Those caught botting will be BANNED!

3. NO Spamming:
- NO SPAM of any kind

4. NO Abuse, Respect all Players
- Respect ALL players on the server and forum, especially Admins
- Try to refrain from vulgarities.
- NO Racism.
- NO Discrimination of race, religion, etc.
- NO Sexism.
- Phoenix MUST NOT be in your name.
- NO Advertising and/or recruiting by members of other clans, this will be instant ban.


Do Not beg or hassle Admins for levels. Following the rules, making friends and getting involved in the Clan will give you the best chance of getting an Invite.

Admins should never abuse their commands.

Phoenix does NOT allow multi-clanning

Admins have the license and ability to punish rule breakers, with the maximum penalty being Permanent BAN!

If you see someone breaking rules please report it to an Admin. Server Admins have to follow all these rules too, if you see an admin breaking the rules or abusing his/her commands report them to a Clan Owner or the forum admin.

rules subject to change.

-Forum Admin/Clan Leader

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