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Post by BunBun<3 on Sat Mar 07, 2009 11:26 pm

There are some very cool text shortcuts you can use on shrub servers. They are:

[a] - last person who gave you ammo
[d] - last person who killed you
[h] - last person who gave you health
[k] - last person you killed
[l] - your current location
[n] - your name
[r] - last person who revived you
[p] - teammate you are pointing at
[s ] - your health
[w] - weapon you are currently holding
[t] - ammo for current weapon

I find this very useful. So for example, you could bind a message to a key like this:
bind K say_Team "Medic! I am located at [l], I have [s ] health!"

Here's my favorite example- check this out... In my class selector script (which I modified for my own use), I added some lines that look like this:

set covert_config "bind MOUSE3 say_team Hey [p], come with me. I have a uni!"
set soldier_config "bind MOUSE3 say_team Hey [p], please move out of my line of fire!"
set fdops_config "bind MOUSE3 say_team Hey [p], hold up so I can give you ammo!"
set engy_config "bind MOUSE3 say_team Hey [p], give me some backup! (I'm an engy)"
set medic_config "bind MOUSE3 say_team Hey [p], hold up so I can heal you!"

So for example, if I change my class to medic, it will automatically do a vstr on my medic_config script. Then, whenever I press MOUSE3 (the mousewheel), then say my cursor is currently pointing to a teammate named Jack. Then it will say, "Hey Jack, hold up so I can heal you!"

Remember, these only work on shrub servers though

If you use this program and got ban , kick , caught by police , block by users or computer monitor explodes
is not my responsibility and its your own fault .

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