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Anti-Spam Toggle

Post by BunBun<3 on Sun Mar 15, 2009 7:14 pm

Anti-Spam Toggle

This script is orientated towards those who find a little too much voice chat spam going over the airwaves. The first press enables all vchats, the second press allows only vchats from teammates, while the third press silences everybody. Pressing the key again cycles back to the start and hence allows all vsay's again.
// ----------------
// by Fearle$$/DG
set spamoff "set cg_noVoiceChats 1;set cg_noVoiceText 1;set cg_TeamChatsOnly 1;echo ^5Spam ^1OFF;set spamtogg vstr spamon"
set spamon "set cg_noVoiceChats 0;set cg_noVoiceText 0;set cg_TeamChatsOnly 0;echo ^5Spam ^2ON;set spamtogg vstr spamonv"
set spamonv "set cg_noVoiceChats 0;set cg_noVoiceText 0;set cg_TeamChatsOnly 1;echo ^5Spam ^2ON ^3(^7team only^3);set spamtogg vstr spamoff"
set spamtogg "vstr spamon"
bind KEY "vstr spamtogg"
vstr spamon // Defaults all spam ON at startup

all credit goes here :

If you use this program and got ban , kick , caught by police , block by users or computer monitor explodes
is not my responsibility and its your own fault .

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