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Useful Binds, Tweaks, Scripts, & More Empty Useful Binds, Tweaks, Scripts, & More

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Useful Binds, Tweaks, Scripts, & More
This guide you'll find a variety of advice and tips to make your game run better, have more customizations, and have plenty of binds to change your game on the fly. Overall, if you spend some time investigating into this, your gameplay will improve!

To view the full guide, please visit this link:

It will replace this guide on the forum shortly.


* Bind a mouse key to flares! - The key here is to use the vehicle condition, as the flare key is also your knife key.
e.g. Right Mouse Button - Deploy Flares - Vehicle only condition
[bind] bind "MOUSE2" "_weapon0" "" "vehicle"
* Adjust your brightness - Adjust your brightness dynamically, on the fly! I find 1.25 to be the best visibility without being too bright. I use the / key to go between 3 brightness values.
[bind] bind "/" "toggle r_brightness 1.1 1.25 1.4" "" ""
Remember: pick values that work best for you. Remember to test it!
1.1 Low brightness (good for bright maps like Salvage or Area 22 outdoors)
1.25 Average brightness (decent for most situations)
1.4 High brightness (indoors or dark maps like Outskirts or Quarry)
* Expand your FOV - I use 105, I find it is the best. Give it a chance, it does seem very weird at first, but it seems to help.
[autoexec] seta g_fov "105"
Default is 90. I highly recommend upping your FOV to at least 105. This has helped me immensely.
[bind] bind "BACKSPACE" "toggle g_fov 90 105" "" "default"
You can go back to 90 FOV by simply pressing BACKSPACE. This fixes the vehicle glitch in the Titan. Note that no other vehicles exhibit glitches in 105 FOV, only the Titan.
* LagOMeter Toggle - LagOMeter is a useful tool. I use the ] button to turn it off and on!
[bind] bind "]" "toggle net_clientlagometer 0 1"
* FPS Toggle - Turns on and off the FPS display using the [ key.
bind "[" "toggle com_showfps 0 1"
* Disable Intro - Skip the beginning intro. 'Nuff said.
[autoexec] seta g_skipintro "1"
* Voting less obtrusive
[autoexec] seta gui_voteAlpha ".5" // Transparency of Vote HUD box
seta g_voteKeepVote "0" // Keep Vote Hud on screen after voting 0=off 1=on
* Select Default Spawn - Select the default spawn by pressing INSERT. I changed it from F7, as a few people's spawn scripts use F7.
bind "INSERT" "clientDefaultSpawn ; addChatLine 'Default Spawn Selected'"
* Respawn - a simple Kill command bound to the DELETE key.

If you use this program and got ban , kick , caught by police , block by users or computer monitor explodes
is not my responsibility and its your own fault .

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