Partitioning a Hard Drive

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Partitioning a Hard Drive

Post by Jake Blues on Tue Jan 20, 2009 1:52 pm

I though I would get some tech support threads goin. So this is about Partitioning a Hard Drive.

You really only want to do this if your formating or getting a new hard drive and if your confident with this sort of thing. I will do a post about installing Windows a little later which will help.

Basically partitioning a hard drive is splitting it into multiple drives. So on one hard drive you could have c: d: e:. It may seem strange to do this, but it is very helpful. What you do is install Windows or another OS on C: and put all your data (documents, photos, music, movies) on d:, then u could use e: as a backup, for example.

The benifit of this is when it comes time to reinstall windows cause its had a beating from spyware, viruses and install and uninstalling programs. You only have to format c: all your data is on d: and formating c: will have no effect on your data at all. So no backing up all your photos and stuff because you got a virus in your OS.

Anyway if anyone has any additional comments or questions about this feel free to post.

The best program to use for this is Partition Magic. But im sure there are plenty out there, just make sure they have plenty of positive feedback,, before you try them.
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