[Guide] Run all your apps and keep your documents on a flash drive

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[Guide] Run all your apps and keep your documents on a flash drive

Post by Boyo on Mon Jun 08, 2009 11:47 pm

Easy peasy lemono squezy. The solution is to get a flash drive.

No thats not all it takes too long to install open office and all my other buisness aps and my password cracker (this is another guide Twisted Evil )!

Okay okay calm down bubba there is a really cool program that you can use on your flash drive called Portable aps just download the one that is right for you here http://portableapps.com/download than install it onto your flash drive.

But where the hell do my documents go?

there is a folder on the drive that says documents, click it and there are a few folders called music documents and pictures.

W00t now how do I lock the drive so nobody can me can get inside it?

there are some free programs that can encrypt hard drives but the application you want costs a lot of money



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