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[Guide] Xfire

Post by Boyo on Thu Jul 02, 2009 6:31 am

Lots of us know the wonderful program Xfire. It is a very powerful program with features like automatic updates for games, video brodcasting of game play, chat with other friends, and a lot more. To use this program you need to create a free account at http://xfire.com/. Than click on the downloads link and download the version for your system. Once it is installed close out of the register window and type in your credentials. Now you are almost done.

Now we need to customize it to your needs. Click on Options, than options. Choose a nickname to easily identify yourself. Under startup I would disable the Automatically launch Xfire when I startup my computer. Now click on the chat tab and select new key binding that you will remember and also check the enable chat logging box so you don't lose any important chats. The rest of the options are easy to configure. *if you don't know what an option does don't change it. When you are all done click Ok to save your changes.

Now time to search for some friends and server. To search for friends click tools, highlight friend and choose a way to search for people you play with. To add favorite servers go onto the xfire website, log in, find a server, and click the link that says add to favorites.

To change the Xfire skin and theme go to options and highlight theme or skin than select a new one. *give xfire a minute to change to the new skin.

I hope this helps users whom are new to xfire



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