[Guide] OS won't start and need to recover data

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[Guide] OS won't start and need to recover data

Post by Boyo on Thu Jul 02, 2009 11:28 pm

Back in September I was needed to download pictures from my camera to my computer. I was simply plugging in the SD card into my computer. I was a total computer nublet back then barely knowing how to start up my computer. So I contacted Dell customer support. They said that they needed to reset my system or some bs like that. So they take control of my computer, load the program, and I say wait. Is this going to erase all my data? He said yes. So when we got to the terms of agreement page I clicked decline and said no I'm not doing this find another way. Guess what happened when I hit decline. It totatled my OS and Dell refuesed to recover my data. I didn't have enough space to simply install another operating system in a new folder and not sure how to use Linux rescue disks. So I searched around. I went here to learn how to make a windows rescue disk. What that means is that you pop this cd into your cd drive, press F8 or F12 when your computer starts, select the boot from cd option, when a blue screen loads simply press Enter, than wait for windows to load. When it loads it will look different than what you are used to but its windows so its not too hard to figure out how to use. Click on My Computer, plug in a flash drive, search through your hard drive and copy the files from your hard drive to your flash drive. Now plug your flash drive into a new computer to make sure all your documents are there and nothing got corrupted (just in case). *There is no way you can deactivate your software if your OS does not start. **this is an option if your computer can be repaired by popping your OS cd in and clicking the repair option once its booted.


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