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Google Clan was first and foremost a Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory an Oldschool Bot Clan but over time our theme changed to nonbot as we matured as a clan and our ideals grew! We have a core group of senior members who keep the clan together and without them our extended and colourful history would not exist. Some of these members have since departed but a strong group of hardcore players remain and the clan gains strength and numbers once again!

Our clan has been to hell and returned more than once and each time we seem to come back even stronger and more determined than ever before.

The name Google means unlimited, originally derived from Googolplex a number only falling short of infinite. Googolplex refers the number equal to 10 with 100 zeros after it.

Although same in name it's only the colour scheme synonymous with Google the Search Engine that is carried over. Our use of the name Google refers to the seemingly unlimited opportunities worthy of a clan of such calibre.


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