Tutorial: It's all about torrenting!

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Tutorial: It's all about torrenting! Empty Tutorial: It's all about torrenting!

Post by JoE on Sun Mar 01, 2009 8:44 am

Well meh, some of you don't know what the hell or how to torrent... WTF?! You must know. Here's another guide. Very Happy

First off, get the damn program. I recommend uTorrent. Get it here. Click me

But damn, I almost forgot--some of you may want to know what a torrent is. o.O The proper term is BitTorrent. It splits a file into multiple parts which are sequentially seeded out by a host [called a seeder] where you download these parts into one whole file. So what's the point? Think Limewire. If 20 people have the file and you request it, well let's just say that all 20 will be sending a different piece of that file. This can lead you to getting phenomenal download speeds people. Of course you need to realize that it won't be everytime that all 20 people will actually seed it to you of course. Razz

People use these 'torrents' to acquire cracked games, movies, and so on. All you do is look in a torrent search engine or Google for a torrent file and voila, if there's enough seeders/peers you're good to go. Peers are the people who've actually DOWNLOADED the file from the seeder. If you're lucky they'll help you download the file (which is usually the case). Why do I recommend torrents? Because you can get virtually ANY program.

Here's a few recommended torrent sites but I'd still use Google:

No, no links, sorry. Razz Just get the torrent file you want and open it up with Utorrent. That simple right?

Well have fun, if I missed anything just tell me. I didn't make everything very detailed because I expect you all to figure out SOME things. >.>



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